BMW i8 – A carbon fiber beauty

BMW i8 – A carbon fiber beauty

Not too long ago an electric hybrid BMW was something out of a fantasy movie, but today it’s reality.

The BMW i8 is a hybrid electric sports-luxury monster.

But it isn’t the massive power produced by the 3 cylinder turbocharged engine and the 2 electric motor, that intrigues us here at Vallett.

As you know we eat, breath, and live Carbon Fiber so why do we like the BMW i8?  I’m glad you asked.  There’s a very strong correlation between Carbon Fiber and BMW i8.  And the correlation involves the BMW i8 cabin being made wholly from carbon fiber.  Say what?!

Yea, We were also trippin

Check out this photo from BMW’s website:

BMW i8Did your jaw drop?  I hope so, because if it didn’t, you don’t know a thing about carbon fiber and should immediately visit this post to learn more about carbon.

BMW says that this cabin weighs 50% less than a steel cabin but not only is it lighter, its much stronger.

So why is this a big deal?  Although carbon fiber is not a “new” thing, only recently has it become more affordable.  And because it’s more affordable manufactures can produce everyday cars from carbon fiber.  The lightweight nature of carbon fiber makes vehicles much faster, more economical, and obviously weigh less 🙂

Even though all that carbon fiber is hidden, a true automotive enthusiast will be going to bed with a smile on his face, because you know his car is made from one of the best materials on planet earth.

Few More Shots of the i8



Tell us what you think about the BMW i8 in the comments below.  If you have $135,700 laying around would you buy this monster of a car or would you rather spend it on something else, and why?

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