Carbon Fiber Sneakers That Give You Hops

Carbon Fiber Sneakers

Ever heard of carbon fiber shoes? Neither did we.

But when a friend showed us these awesome shoes we

were trippin!

Nike’s subsidiary company Air Jordan makes a mean sneaker.

They are called the Air Jordan 6 Rings.

These shoes are quite expensive even though released already almost 4 years ago, they still go around $200 used on eBay.

carbon fiber sneakers

There are some photos going around on Instagram of a potential NEW carbon fiber Air Jordan sneaker.

Sneaker News covered the story on the potential new release of the Air Jordan 11 Low Carbon Fiber sneaker.

Would you buy a pair of Carbon Fiber Sneakers?  Do you think they are expensive, or is it worth it?

Leave you answers in the comments below!


Carbon fiber is an amazing material. Did you know there are carbon fiber wallets?!

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