The Team Behind the Scenes


Roman S.
Creative Guru

Roman is the creative director at Vallett. He has a deep passion for exotic accessories and especially watches.

V. T.
Founder and CEO

V.T. is the inventor of our proprietary product technology, his identity must be kept confidential.

Dan S.
Operations Ninja

Dan is your man behind the scenes.  He handles daily operations and ensures that everything at Vallett runs smoothly.

The Vallett Story

We are a small group of unique individuals that are extremely passionate about quality products. We adore precision crafted things, but lately we’ve found that quality products are hard to come by. We looked all around and simply could not find a wallet that suited us. If we got our hands on a wallet that we thought looked pretty cool, we were immediately disappointed by inconvenient functionality. Other times we would come across a wallet that was convenient and functional, but the looks were so humbling, that one could become sad simply by looking at it. So we decided to make a wallet that was unique, good looking, and fully functional.

The idea was born on New Years Eve 2015, when our whole crew was gathered and celebrating the new year. We didn’t know it back then but we were working on our first prototype of the Vallett.

It’s interesting because we didn’t even know what our product would look like but we already knew what the logo would be:

Vallett Logo

Once we were satisfied with our “Corporate Image” we moved on to the wallet design, this is our first ever design:

Vallett First Design

The first design was not really practical, so we started designing something that was more functional and after 2 months we had designed an almost perfect product.

Below is a photo of our first 3D printed wallet.  We hand stitched it, and OH MY! We thought it looked good!

Vallett 3D Print

After a testing the wallet in the real world for a few weeks, we came up with an idea for a adjustable rubber clasp.  The clasp would hold the wallet nice and tight, and with this idea, our design was finally complete.

The very next day, we started sourcing materials for our product, and within 2 weeks we were testing our wallets!

The amount of positive feedback that we received from family, friends, and even strangers, was overwhelming!

We knew we had to share our product with the rest of the world, and that is how our small company was founded!

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