The Best Men’s Slim Wallet

Best Men's Slim Wallet

What makes good men’s slim wallet? First of all we have to determine what the definition of a “slim wallet” is? According to Google the word “slim” is defined as “Very Small” What we want to learn today if the Vallett carbon fiber wallet is a slim wallet, or not? We would like to so […]

Carbon Fiber Plane Flies Without Any Fuel

carbon fiber plane flies without fuel

Carbon Fiber Plane Flies Without Any Fuel A carbon fiber plane isn’t any new thing.  The Boeing 787 Dreamliner airframe is composed 50% out of carbon fiber, and it’s a no brainer for a airplane manufacturer to take advantage of the light, strong, stiff yet flexible properties of carbon fiber to develop the most efficient, and quite airplane […]

Carbon Fiber Sneakers That Give You Hops

Carbon Fiber Sneakers Ever heard of carbon fiber shoes? Neither did we. But when a friend showed us these awesome shoes we were trippin! Nike’s subsidiary company Air Jordan makes a mean sneaker. They are called the Air Jordan 6 Rings. These shoes are quite expensive even though released already almost 4 years ago, they still go around […]

Carbon Fiber Bomb Saves Lives

Carbon Fiber Bomb

Carbon Fiber Bomb Saves Lives Source: You probably heard of many carbon fiber products.  Carbon fiber this, carbon fiber that, we here at Vallett make carbon fiber wallets.  But you probably never heard of a carbon fiber bomb, have you? The word “bomb” is a scary, and eeire word, right?  People are afraid to say this word […]