Carbon Fiber Bomb Saves Lives

Carbon Fiber Bomb

Carbon Fiber Bomb Saves Lives


You probably heard of many carbon fiber products.  Carbon fiber this, carbon fiber that, we here at Vallett make carbon fiber wallets.  But you probably never heard of a carbon fiber bomb, have you?

The word “bomb” is a scary, and eeire word, right?  People are afraid to say this word in public places, airports and even in general because we associate this word with war, and death.

So why in world are we writing about a bomb again?

because this bomb is quite particular.

The United States Air Force, recently announced a new kind of bomb that they developed.  A bomb that is actually made from carbon fiber.  We know what you are thinking now, “that’s it, carbon fiber is bad!”

Actually, the reason the Air Force is using carbon fiber in the bomb to LIMIT the bomb’s explosion radius.  As you already know carbon fiber is super duper strong material, and is very hard to break.  So when a bomb is wrapped around in a thick carbon fiber shell it “holds” the explosion and therefore minimizing the explosion radius.

But why would you want a bomb that has a small exploding radius?

Localized explosions prevents civilian casualties.  So if there is a target in a high population area, a localized bomb can destroy the target without causing civilian casualties.

So in theory the carbon fiber in this bomb is saving lives!

Bad people exist (and will always exist) in the world, but when eliminating those bad people most of the time innocent people have to die.

This carbon fiber bomb changes that.  Thanks to carbon fiber and its powerful properties, innocent people don’t need die.


Carbon Fiber Bomb

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